Cafe Du Monde: Places To Go in New Orleans

Café Du Monde was one of my first stops in my trip to New Orleans. I knew various Orleans dishes by name: beignets, po’boy, etouffee, jambalaya, and I had notes on which restaurant to try each dish at. Café Du Monde was the place to go for beignets and chicory coffee, another New Orleans staple.

Beignets and cafe au lait
© Lauryn Wilder

As I walked from my hotel toward the French Quarter, I tried to imagine what the café would look like. While it did not match the brightly-lit, open space that I had in mind, I was surprised to find how close it was to the river. They offered indoor seating, as well as covered patio seating. I considered sitting outside to enjoy the sun and the river, but the unique aroma of the French Quarter prompted me to sit inside.

© Lauryn Wilder

The service was prompt and pleasant. I thought I would have to wait for service, since they allow patrons to seat themselves. Yet within minutes of finding a clean, available table, one of the waitresses came to greet me. Café Du Monde has a very limited menu (when you serve classics like beignets and chicory, you don’t need a wide number of selections), so you won’t need a lot of time to decide what you want. The big decision for me was black coffee or café au lait; I chose the latter. The decision unnerved me, as I am more of your average millennial Starbucks monger than hard-core coffee connoisseur, but I loved it. I thought the milk and the sugar of the beignets wouldn’t be enough to cover the bitterness of the chicory, but I was pleasantly surprised.

© Lauryn Wilder

When you visit Café Du Monde, keep in mind…


If you decide to visit the Café yourself, remember to bring cash. They don’t accept cards, and the closest ATM is located about a block away and right on the sidewalk. They stay busy throughout the day, so I would also recommend getting there as early as possible. I arrived around 8 am and I had to search for a place to sit.


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